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Teen art prodigy's art is in high demand -- she learned to paint during lockdown

[Oct 21, 2021: The Brighter Side of News]

Makenzy Beard with the stunning portrait of her grampa. (CREDIT: Makenzy Beard)

When Welsh artist Makenzy Beard unveiled her latest painting – of her grampa – it sent shockwaves through social media.

Such was the amazement at the 14-year-old’s prodigious talent there was unanimous acclaim at just how brilliant her portrait of her grampa, Bernard Davies, truly was.

The youngster seemed to think so too, or at least she appeared to derive much excitement from her painting, putting out this cute video on social media of her singing along to Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Before You Go’, while working on the portrait of her beloved relative.


It shows just how much the acclaimed art prodigy evidently enjoys her art and is a lovely glimpse of the young artist at work in her studio.

The young Welsh painter went viral earlier this year thanks to a beautiful piece of art that people couldn’t believe was painted by someone so young.

Back in June, Makenzy, a pupil at Bishopton Comprehensive School in Swansea, gained thousands of plaudits online, after her artwork of a local farmer named John Tucker was posted on Twitter by her school.


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The incredibly lifelike portrait was proclaimed as being so good it looked like a photograph, capturing the farmer in a hi-vis jacket and a knitted hat.

Makenzy’s painting was so impressive it was selected for exhibition at the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show in London.

Makenzy’s painting was so impressive it was selected for exhibition at the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show in London.


When the artist revealed her new painting – of her grampa – Bernard Davies it once again amazed those on social media after she posted her painting on Twitter on Saturday evening.

Makenzy’s stunning painting of farmer John Tucker (CREDIT: Bishopston Comprehensive School)

One user – Ows Wills – even suggested… ‘In 14-year-old Makenzy Beard, we may well be experiencing the emergence of Wales’ greatest living artist. Truly remarkable.’



Makenzy is also a talented hockey player, representing Wales at under 16s level.

Blackwater Gallery in Cardiff Bay (CREDIT: Blackwater Gallery)

Her outstanding artistic talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by the art world however, with the young painter now being represented by the Blackwater Gallery in Cardiff.


Digital media manager at the gallery, Emma McNamara, said: “We have now undertaken the initial stages to represent Makenzy at Blackwater Gallery, and in the coming months will proceed to support and exhibit her work as she progresses.

“This is an exciting time for Makenzy as a breakthrough emerging artist and we are delighted to showcase the work of a young local talent here in Wales.”


You can see more of Makenzy’s artwork via her Instagram

Find out more about the Blackwater Gallery HERE

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