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Teen combines love of art and sweet treats to create a new business from her kitchen

[Feb. 26, 2021: Symone Woolridge]

A Mississippi teen is making her mark as an entrepreneur right out of her own kitchen.

A’myah Rucker loves art in school and it’s that subject she’s getting a little extra practice in.

“I wanted to have a job but you know I was too young to do a job so I just started dipping strawberries and just fell in love with it,” she told WREG’s Symone Woolridge.

Nowadays, she spends hours in the kitchen creating new designs as she goes.

“I started practicing and as I saw that I was getting better I started to want to sell and went from there. And I’ve done popup shops and different things,” she said.

A’myah dips and decorates strawberries, apples and cake pops. She named her business My’Ahmazing Sweets. Her customers on social media certainly keep her busy.


“I go to Walmart or Kroger everyday of the week,” she said. “Like, back and forth. I run out of strawberries fast like that’s how fast orders come in.”

Now she is working on a business license and permit to be able to broaden her business to a store. In the meantime, she’ll continue to work from home, being an inspiration to those who share a similar vision.

You can find My’Ahmazing Sweets on Facebook and on Instagram.


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