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Teen Receives 14 Graduation Videos From Favourite Celebs Thanks to Dad's Hard Work

[June 18, 2021: Ella Kipling]

Faith Isabelle, a 2021 graduate, was in for a surprise after discovering that her dad had contacted several of her favourite celebrities who sent in graduation video messages for her.

This was a shock to Faith, who didn’t think her dad was “doing much” for her graduation, but it turns out that he was working away behind the scenes to make her big day extra special.

After the TikTok video blew up, Faith and her dad made several follow- up videos explaining how they managed to get so many celebs involved.

At the time of writing, the original TikTok has over 19 million views.



The video begins with her stating that she did not think her dad would do anything special for her graduation, but instead managed to get a whole bunch of celebs to send her graduation videos.

The celebrities who got involved include: Randall Park, Mark Walberg, Joshua Bassett, Drake Bell, Jonathan Groff , Bob Saget, JK Simmons, Gaten Matarazzo, Lori Loughlin and Kat Dennings, more.

Faith said: “There were celebrities who didn’t respond, but there were celebrities who didn’t send a video but sent something else.”

Lin Manuel Miranda sent a handwritten note, Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Downey Junior each sent a signed photograph, and Matthew McConaughey sent Faith a signed copy of his book.



Faith uploaded several videos after the initial one which blew up, and explained how her father managed to get that many celebrities involved.

She reaffirmed that they did not use Cameo and that her dad is “not a producer,” and actually works as “an IT guy.”

Faith’s dad also made an appearance on her TikTok, and explained:

“I made a list of all the actors that Faith grew up watching and I emailed them on Thursday. That was what my trick is, email people on Thursdays. And then I did a follow up email on Friday and your good to go.”

Faith told followers that her dad found the contact information from LinkedIn and contacted agents and producers, telling them that Faith was a big fan.


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