The 12 Most Innovative Yachts on the High Seas

Yachts that make you look twice. That’s what our round-up of future-forward superyachts on the water today make us do

[Aug. 7, 2020: Robb Report]

Yachts that make you look twice. That’s what our round-up of future-forward superyachts on the water today make us do. From aft decks dedicated to the ultimate helipad to silent hybrid cruisers, and even optical illusion design, it’s a rubbernecker’s paradise of top notch amenities and visionary thinking all rolled up into one dynamic yacht package. Whether you’re a salty sailor at heart or keen on speed machines, here we identify eight innovative vessels that will make you want to hop aboard without a second thought.

Feadship’s 328-Foot Motor Yacht ‘Moonrise’

Everything about Moonrise is optimized for efficiency, from the sleek exterior lines penned by Studio De Voogt to a noise-reduced streamlined hull. The 328-foot yacht is Feadship’s largest build to date and, fittingly, she made a suitable splash when launched in February 2020. Vast interior spaces spread across eight decks are accentuated by high ceilings, flush decks and the sophisticated eye of interior designer Remi Tessier. An architectural use of glass drives the design forward, while quantum stabilizers and twin MTU engines propel the yacht through water. An exhaust gas treatment and heat recovery system go a long way to increase the boat’s sustainability factor, too.

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Heesen Yachts’ 262-Foot Motor Yacht ‘Cosmos’

The largest yacht built to date by Dutch shipyard Heesen, 262-foot Cosmos rewrites the rules of engineering. The owner’s brief requested fast and big, which led to an all-aluminum build to keep weight down and achieve speeds close to 30 knots, and a newly patented “Backbone” for strength and rigidity. Developed in partnership with Dutch hydrodynamicists Van Oossanen, Cosmos’ fast displacement platform is created using two long, flat metal plates that are joined together by a vertical plate in the middle. This prevents the hull from flexing in water. Four MTU engines will deliver 19,000-hp once the yacht delivers in 2021, and the addition of a fully-certified helipad means no place is off limits.

Oceanco’s 350-Foot Sailing Yacht ‘Black Pearl’

Scooping the top spot for largest DynaRig sailing yacht in the world, Black Pearl is designed by Nuvolari Lenard (assisted by Villate Design). A tri-deck sailing yacht, she boasts three revolutionary 70m DynaRig carbon masts and a sailing system designed by Dykstra Naval Architects. What’s more impressive is that all 2,900sqm of her black, highly distinctive sails can be set in a rapid seven minutes, and all at the push of a button. Her hybrid propulsion system, and other environmental onboard systems, such as waste heat recovery, propel her among a new generation of environmentally sustainable, and highly efficient vessels.

McConaghy Boats’ 140-Foot Trimaran ‘Adastra’

Costing over $20 million to build when launched in 2012, the owner of this custom-built transatlantic trimaran—shipping magnate Antony Marden—has cruised the seven seas for seven years turning heads everywhere he goes. Adastra’s space age design comes from the boards of British studio Shuttleworth Design and was built in China by McConaghy Boats. Her speedy and light-weight hull is made from a super-strong e-glass/Kevlar foam sandwich, while her superstructure is made up of carbon fiber with a lightweight Nomex honeycomb core. Currently for sale, she provides the rare opportunity to own a yacht with “amazing seaworthiness” and looks like nothing else out there right now..... Read More

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