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The Brighter 5: Five funny comedians start your day with a laugh

[July 22, 2021: Josh Shavit]

Here are today's five funny and insightful jokes to get you into your happy place. Enjoy!

1. Larry the Cable Guy on marriage

"One year my dad bought my mom a mood ring. Them things work pretty good. When she was in a good mood it was blue and when she was in a bad mood it made a red mark upside my dad's head."

2. Emo Philips on chess

"I like to play chess with old men in the park, although it's hard to find 32 of them."


3. Phyllis Diller on housework

"Housework won't kill you. But then again, why take the chance?"

4. Bob Hope on brothers

"I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance, waiting for the bathroom."


5. Rodney Dangerfield on marriage

"My wife is always trying to get rid of me. Last night she told me to put the garbage out. I told her I already did. She told me to go keep an eye on it."

Bonus Joke: Demetri Martin

"I think that when you get dressed in the morning, sometimes you're really making a decision about your behavior for the day. Like if you put on flipflops, you're saying: 'Hope I don't get chased today.' 'Be nice to people in sneakers.'"

Today's Daily Sunshine Video

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