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The psychology of food: What our favorite foods reveal about us

[Sept 6, 2023: Staff Writer, The Brighter Side of News]

The study delves into the subtleties of our food choices and their intriguing correlation with our personalities. (CREDIT: Creative Commons)

In an era where understanding personality traits can seem as complex as unravelling the human genome, a groundbreaking national study suggests that our food preferences might be more revealing than we think.

The study, commissioned by Chicago Town Pizza, the UK’s leading frozen pizza brand, and meticulously carried out by renowned psychologist Lee Chambers, delves into the subtleties of our food choices and their intriguing correlation with our personalities.


Jam First or Cream First? The Scone Conundrum

The scone has long been a beloved treat among the British populace. Yet, how one prepares a scone may reveal more than just one's culinary preference. According to the study's findings, if you spread jam first on your scone, it indicates a penchant for charm and courtesy. On the other hand, the daring souls who dollop cream before jam? They're perceived as adventurous, colourful, and audacious.


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Lee Chambers expounds, “How we prepare and eat our food can say a lot about who we are and our personalities. It offers a fascinating insight into how we plan and build our lives. The moment of consumption, in particular, can reveal whether we play it safe or seek risks, hint at competitiveness or relaxation, and may even symbolise what we stand for.”

Chilled vs. Room-Temperature Chocolate: A Reflection of Taste and Personality

While the world might unanimously adore chocolate, there's a sweet division when it comes to storage preferences. The research highlights an intriguing nuance: individuals who staunchly believe chocolate belongs in the fridge tend to be aspiring, cultured, and visionary. Meanwhile, those who let their chocolate sit at room temperature demonstrate a dynamic, straightforward, and collaborative nature.


Steak Preferences and Personality Dynamics

Meat lovers, your steak preference might just spill the beans about your character! Those relishing their steak rare are often exuberant, artistic souls with a zest for life, brimming with enthusiasm and passion in all they undertake. In contrast, aficionados of well-done steak are seen as thoughtful, taking a more measured approach to life, embodying a kind-hearted disposition.

Meat lovers, your steak preference might just spill the beans about your character! (CREDIT: Creative Commons)

Decoding Breakfast Choices

Often hailed as the most pivotal meal of the day, breakfast choices, especially how one likes their eggs, can offer a wealth of personality insights. Hard-boiled egg enthusiasts showcase patience, resilience, and wisdom. In stark contrast, soft-boiled egg lovers embody a reactive, imaginative, and vivacious spirit.


Rachel Bradshaw, Marketing Manager at Chicago Town, enthused about the project's outcomes: “Collaborating with Lee provided profound insights into how our food selections mirror our personalities. This extends even to our Deep Dish pizzas, whether oven-baked or microwaved. Both preparation methods deliver an appetising Deep Dish experience, brimming with toppings and our signature tomato sauce. The real question is: are you Team Crunchie or Team Gooey?”

The intricate tapestry of our personality traits is often influenced by a myriad of factors – genetic, environmental, and experiential. Yet, as this study suggests, our food choices might just provide a delectable insight into our inherent nature. Whether it's the choice of jam or cream first on a scone, the temperature at which we enjoy chocolate, or even our steak and egg preferences, each selection tells a tale.

As Lee Chambers aptly concludes, "We seldom introspect about our food habits. Yet, the way we prepare and savor our meals can offer profound revelations about our essence. Whether you're indulging in a gooey Deep Dish or savouring a crunchy one, there's a world of self-discovery awaiting you on that plate."

This illuminating study not only underscores the intimate relationship between our culinary preferences and our personalities but also prompts introspection. Perhaps, the next time you reach for that piece of chocolate or decide on your breakfast egg, you'll pause and reflect on the story your food choices are narrating about you.


Fifteen food choices and what they say about you

1. Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza

  • Crunchie – Firm, assertive, and headstrong

  • Gooey – Spontaneous, sentimental, and easy-going

2. Steak

  • Rare - Extroverted, Creative, Excitable

  • Well Done - Considerate, Thoughtful, Assured

3. Scones

  • Jam first - Dignified, Courteous, Charming

  • Cream first - Adventurous, Colourful, Daring

4. Chocolate

  • Fridge - Aspiring, Cultured, Farsighted

  • Room Temp - Dynamic, Simple, Collaborative

5. Eggs

  • Hard boiled - Patient, Resilient, Prudent

  • Soft boiled - Reactive, Imaginative, Energetic

6. Chips

  • Fries - Curious, Trendy, Youthful

  • Chunky - Hardworking, Conservative, Loyal

7. Burger

  • Gherkin - Optimistic, Courageous, Carefree

  • No gherkin - Faithful, Attentive, Idealistic


8. Bananas

  • Ripe - Subtle, Humble, Principled

  • Firm - Charismatic, Confident, Innovative

9. Gravy

  • Thick - Deep, Decisive, Objective

  • Runny - Friendly, Humourous, Gentle

10. Avocado

  • Mashed - Passionate, Honest, Playful

  • Sliced - Reliable, Sophisticated, Methodical

11. Toast

  • Golden - Perfectionist, Practical, Popular

  • Dark - Free-willed, Adrenaline Seeker, Self-sufficient

12. Peanut Butter

  • Crunchy - Resourceful, Thorough, Warm

  • Smooth - Peaceful, Romantic, Level-headed

13. Bacon

  • Crispy - Witty, Persuasive, Fun-loving

  • Chewy - Good-natured, Kind, Tidy

14. Pancakes

  • American-Style - Action-orientated, bold, dramatic

  • Crepes - Intelligent, Contemplative, Tolerant


15. Peas

  • Garden - Honourable, Observant, Shrewd

  • Mushy - Liberal, Personable, Sympathetic

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