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These lightweight solar panels are a quantum leap forward in sustainable energy

[Oct. 10, 2023: Staff Writer, The Brighter Side of News]

Since 2014, Bila Solar’s ultralightweight solar panel technology has been deployed in more than 500 MW of commercial solar installations across the world. (CREDIT: Bila Solar)

In the crowded arena of solar innovation, a novel breakthrough has been unveiled by Bila Solar that many industry insiders are lauding as a “quantum leap” in capturing solar energy. The technological evolution holds the potential to redefine the future of sustainable energy.

Debuting their groundbreaking, lightweight solar module at a tech showcase in Las Vegas, Bila Solar showcased a design poised to reshape the potential of solar energy applications, especially in traditionally "challenging" scenarios.


Weighing the Benefits

The heart of Bila’s innovation lies in its revolutionary solar panel. Clocking in at a mere 17 pounds, these panels are approximately 30% the weight of their conventional glass counterparts. Additionally, with a staggering 95% reduction in thickness, Bila promises to unlock the myriad applications of their module.

"Bila empowers industries to harness solar energy where it was once impractical," reveals a detailed company report. This statement captures the transformative spirit of their offering.


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With a keen focus on commercial and industrial roofing, waterproof membrane roofs, and even the exhilarating frontier of solar-powered vehicles, Bila's new module is finding vast potential applications.

The company attributes this versatility to their use of proprietary aerospace composites combined with crystalline silicon solar cells. These cutting-edge materials are the bedrock upon which Bila’s promise of reliable, efficient, and low-weight power is built.


"Bila Vice President and U.S. General Manager Mick McDaniel proudly declares, “This product represents a quantum leap in solar innovation that will redefine the solar landscape for years to come.”

Bila Solar’s proprietary polymer laminates are combined with industry-leading mono PERC solar cells to create a game-changing solar module. (CREDIT: Bila Solar)

The Sunlit Path of Solar Growth

In the grand tapestry of energy sources, solar energy has been carving out a rapidly growing niche. Data from the Solar Energy Industries Association paints a promising picture with the solar industry expanding at a compound rate of 24% annually over the past decade.


The association further credits a triad of federal policies, plummeting costs, and enticing tax incentives as primary catalysts for this explosive growth. Presently, U.S. solar capacity is potent enough to electrify an astounding 27 million homes.

Renewable energy generates about 20% of all U.S. electricity, and that percentage continues to grow. The following graphic breaks down the shares of total electricity production in 2021 among the types of renewable power. (CREDIT:

Broadening the lens to encompass all forms of renewable power, the U.S. Department of Energy's statistics indicate that renewables contribute about 20% of the nation's electricity. Of this, solar energy's contribution is 2.8%, with wind energy leading the renewable charge at 9.2%.


In a nod to the potential of Bila's innovations, Yahoo Finance reports on how these lightweight modules might be the key to unlocking solar potential in locales hitherto inaccessible to traditional glass panels.

Solar building facade: Architectural features on existing buildings, like facades, can leverage Bila Solar’s polymer composite panels to harness solar energy. (CREDIT: Bila Solar)

Having championed solar solutions since 2014, Bila Solar has a rich portfolio of pioneering projects. From installing solar systems on uniquely designed spiral and cylindrical buildings to the complexities of intricate roof architectures, Bila’s hallmark has been their ability to adapt. Their lightweight and flexible design approach allows solar installations in places many deemed impossible.


Bila’s innovation isn't limited to buildings. The company emphasizes the broader adaptability of their panels with carports and tractor-trailer roofs as exemplary applications. McDaniel, voicing the company's aspirations, proclaims, “We are delivering a solution that not only simplifies the installation but also elevates the very notion of solar adaptability. Its potential applications are limitless.”

Metal seam roof: All types of metal seam and prefabricated metal roofs are ideal for direct mounting of Bila Solar’s ultralight panels. (CREDIT: Bila Solar)

Bila's commitment to solar excellence and expansion is further underscored by their recent announcement. August witnessed Bila sharing plans for a colossal $35 million solar module manufacturing facility in Indianapolis. This ambitious venture is projected to generate approximately 250 jobs, fortifying it as the nucleus of Bila’s U.S. operations.


"McDaniel sums up Bila’s ethos poignantly, “Solar energy should be accessible and abundant for everyone. We look forward to driving innovation in Indiana to pursue that mission.”

As Bila Solar positions itself at the forefront of solar innovations, their new module's promises, combined with their dedication to expanding the horizons of solar applications, make it clear that the future of sustainable energy is brighter than ever.

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