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They were kind of my saviors: Boston woman repays kindness shown by two Texas women

[Feb. 25, 2021: John Atwater]

A Boston woman who recently moved to Texas is paying forward the kindness that two women from the Austin area showed her during the power and water crisis in the Lone Star State.

Amanda Pensack says she began to find herself desperate for food and water when the power was out for days due to a devastating winter storm that hit the region.

She decided to turn to Facebook and came across a pair of women, Kami Irwin and Kim Hamilton Pfeiffer, who have been using a four-wheel-drive SUV to deliver essentials to central Texas residents in need.

"They were kind of my saviors at that time," Pensack said. "I was at my lowest low. I needed food. I needed water. They came in with smiles on their faces."

"Just giving people water, you don't realize what a bottle of water really means until you don't have any," Irwin said.


Pensack, who has a background in marketing, is now using her skills to help spread awareness of Irwin's and Pfeiffer's good deeds and bring in donations from Boston.

Irwin says she and Pfeiffer have received over $1,000 in donations from Boston residents. At one point, they were getting at least two donations from Boston residents every hour for a day.

"I just want to give back to (Kami) and to Kim, but also to the families who are most in need right now," Pensack said.

If you would like to find out more about Irwin's and Pfeifer's cause, click here.


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