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This 12-year-old is a sophomore aerospace engineering major in college

[Sept. 25, 2020: Scott Stump]

Before Caleb Anderson is old enough to get his driver's license or vote in an election, he will already have a college degree.

The 12-year-old from Georgia has already started his sophomore year at Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, Georgia, which confirmed to TODAY that he is a student at the school.

Anderson is well on his way to getting a degree by the time most kids his age are starting their freshman year of high school.

"It was exactly how I expected it to be like, if I were 18 or something,” the bright, young boy told NBC affiliate WXIA about his college experience.

Anderson has been a prodigy from before he could even speak, learning sign language, reading the U.S. Constitution as a 2-year-old, qualifying for the high IQ society MENSA a year later, and learning to speak Spanish, French and Mandarin, according to his parents.

"As we started to interact with other parents, and had other children, then we started to realize how exceptional this experience was, because we had no other frame of reference," his father, Kobi, told WXIA.

The couple also have two other children, Aaron and Hannah, who are also gifted. Joining MENSA at age five, his family said they were told he was the youngest African-American boy to ever be accepted to the program.

"I think people have a negative perspective when it comes to African-American boys," Claire said. "There are many other Calebs out there. From being a teacher, I really believe that. But they don’t have the opportunity or the resources."

Due to his age, Caleb’s dad has to chaperon him on campus, but he isn't helping him with his studies.

“He has far surpassed me in math, so I can’t help him anymore,” Kobi explained. "Seriously! He’s in calculus two now!”

This Brighter Side of News post courtesy of Today.


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