This father-daughter duo lent a helping hand during the Covid crisis

[July 30, 2020: Economic Times] Chairman of the Raizing Group, Rajji Rai is one of the stalwarts of the Indian tourism industry. His…

[July 30, 2020: Economic Times]

Chairman of the Raizing Group, Rajji Rai is one of the stalwarts of the Indian tourism industry. His entrepreneurial daughter, Srishti Jindal, is also carving her own path now. During the Covid-19 crisis, both of them, despite their busy schedules of remotely running offices across Asia, never forgot to extend a helping hand to those in need.

“We distributed around 70,000 prepared food plates to people of JJ clusters, migrant labourers and vulnerable people affected by the Covid crisis,” said Rai, who is also the vice-president of Panchsheel Society, New Delhi. The team of volunteers from the society also distributed thousands of masks, clean water, sanitisers and food packets every day during the lockdown.

Rai also motivated people with means to donate rations for the cause. His noble work received appreciation from Delhi Police and South Delhi Municipal Corporation. Jindal also donated food and other supplies and independently supervised the volunteers working in the field through video calls.

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She focused on providing sanitary supplies, medicines and personal care items to vulnerable women.

“I would love to be present at the distribution centres. But because of my seven-month-old baby, I couldn’t be there personally,” she said.

Srishti Jindal runs a successful travel media, research, events and branding company, Swift Media International. It has worked with leading airlines of the world and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. She has won several awards for her contribution to the tourism industry, including the prestigious APJ Abdul Kalam Award for innovation in 2017. She has always been passionate about creative and original work. Srishti Jindal has also recently launched a virtual platform,, to highlight and support young creative individuals from around the world....MORE

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