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This revolutionary UV-C water bottle filters 99.9996% of water impurities

[Feb 24, 2022: Tom Lorenzo]

Get water wherever they need to and purify it. (CREDIT: CrazyCap)

Hiking boots. Sunglasses. Sunscreen. The most popular novel on the New York Times bestseller list. These are a few items that might come to mind while you’re packing for your next trip. But you might be forgetting an arguably essential item — a water purifier.

Though the phrase might conjure up the image of a large filter like what you find in a fridge, the CrazyCap Bottle is a completely portable water purifier that screws on to most reusable cola-style water bottles.


What makes the CrazyCap Bottle so unique and special? There are many reasons, but there’s a big one that stands atop the pack. That is the fact that no matter where you are, this water bottle will deliver 99.9996% of purified water with each sip. How does it do that? By making a bottle cap that is very high tech.


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The CrazyCap Bottle is made with a bottle cap that is made to purify and sterilize the water inside the bottle. It does this by using UV-C light. That’s right. The bottom of the bottle cap, which is aimed directly into the bottle, can use UV-C light to destroy 99.9996% of all germs in debris-free water.

It may sound like this is a belabored and time-consuming process, but it isn’t. You have two options when you use the CrazyCap Bottle. You can tap it 2 times (normal mode) to purify water from a source like a tap or a water fountain. Or you can tap it 5 times (crazy mode) to purify water from sources like a lake or a pond.


Once you tap it to your needs, the CrazyCap Bottle gets to work. And it doesn’t take all that long. Normal mode takes 60 seconds to purify your water and Crazy mode takes 2 minutes to purify your water. It’s that easy. It can even clean itself. Every 4 hours, it’ll turn on for 20 seconds to make the bottle doesn’t accumulate mold or bacteria.

One single cap can last for around 500 thousand uses. (Credit: CrazyCap2)

You can get a whole lot of use with the CrazyCap Bottle. One single cap can last for around 500 thousand uses. That ought to clean up to 8 million ounces of water for you. The battery is rechargeable and you can buy a new one when the battery finally dies. No need to buy a whole new bottle if you don’t need to. Plus, CrazyCap offers a lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

This is a great gift for anybody, not just the physically active. But for those that do like to go out on hikes and camping trips, the CrazyCap Bottle is a big win. They can get water wherever they need to and purify it if the water clear enough to shine a light through.

There’s a good deal of customization with the CrazyCap Bottle as well, so it can work well with whoever is receiving it. There are different style options and size options to choose from. And then when that choice is made, the bottle can be personalized with a name, logo, or message. It’ll really show that person you care. They even offer gift-wrapping options, and offer free shipping over $75 in the United States.


With the holidays incoming, you’re going to want to pick up the CrazyCap Bottle for a loved one. Any loved one really, but particularly those who like to exercise, go exploring, and travel. It’s also eco-friendly, eliminating the use of single-use plastic water bottles. Clean water is key for anyone and it is easily accessible with this in hand. So, make it a very pure holiday with a purchase of one of these bottles today.

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Note: Materials provided above by Tom Lorenzo. Content may be edited for style and length.


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