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This Texas couple set up a Spanish-language errand-running service to help keep the Latinx community

[July 12, 2020: Yahoo Life]

A Texas couple is doing their part to help Spanish speakers stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

When Diana Azaldua and Jason Rubio saw the devastating effects COVID-19 was having on Austin’s Latinx community, the duo took action. This month, they created a Facebook group called Ayuda, which means “help” in Spanish, to assist the vulnerable population. It serves as both an errand service and a source of employment, allowing Spanish speakers to request services and earn money during the pandemic.

“The group serves two functions,” Anzaldua tells Yahoo Life. “Having the service [helps] people stay home with contactless delivery, and the other function would be to help people make extra money [while] unemployed or suffering financial difficulties during COVID-19.”

“It’s basically meant to replace something like Favor or Instacart, where you can go on and get someone to get your food or prescription or whatever it is you need,” adds Rubio. “When we did some research, we realized it does’t exist in the Spanish language world.” ... MORE



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