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Thousands dealing with food insecurity due to COVID-19 benefit from distribution of meals.

[July 15, 2020: ABC 7]

A large food distribution reached out a helping hand to people in El Monte. The L.A. Regional Food Bank as well as county and city officials and other organizations came together to make it happen. Thousands of people affected with food insecurity by COVID-19 benefited from Wednesday's event.

Chris Rojas and her son Ryan were the first people in line at L.A. County's latest food distribution. Their family, like thousands of others, are struggling to make ends meet as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

"Everything is so stressful right now. This would really help us," said Chris Rojas. "My son, they cut his hours so I'm like the only one working right now in the household."

The lines snaked around several blocks, with hundreds of families waiting hours inside their vehicles, to receive a bit of relief......MORE


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