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Tuktoyaktuk kids and RCMP build relationship through kindness of Canadians

[July 11, 2020: CBC]

The kindness of Canadians from every province is helping local police officers and students connect in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. — even in the midst of a pandemic.

For the past two years, Tuktoyaktuk RCMP and students have been building a relationship through the Mini Mountie program at the hamlet's only school.

There's a new safety-related theme every month — like fire or ice safety — and students are encouraged to make posters. Local police officers sometimes read stories, give presentations, and pick a student each month to win prizes for their class.

"The kids love it," said Mangilaluk School principal Ephraim Warren. "It puts a different light on the RCMP … Kids see them as positive figures."

But finding prizes in one of the N.W.T.'s northernmost communities can be a challenge, so Const. Matt Ryan decided to take things into his own hands... MORE



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