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Two construction workers lend a helping hand to a woman and her special needs son

[Oct 8, 2021: Tim Simpson]

Th.e lady is a little bit old and she has a special kid (CREDIT: Youtube)

These men were touched once they met a mother and her special needs son. They would soon show that “love” is the universal language. Alejandro and his friend Fernando do home repair work, and they recently encountered a home that was in desperate need of repair.

“We noticed the problem on that house,” Alejandro said. “It was leaking badly gas because the floor furnace was broken down.”

However, it wasn’t the broken floor furnace that caught their attention.

“The lady is a little bit old and she has a special kid,” said Alejandro. “He has autism. He can do nothing. He is living in his wonderful world.”


It turns out that Alejandro and Fernando are very close to a young man in Mexico with autism.

“When we were there and we saw that, that autistic kid, we were like oh my god he is the same like Gumpy,” Fernando said. “And that’s the reason it touched our heart.”

“You have a heart, especially for an autistic child,” Tim said. “Tell you what we’re going to do today. I’ve got some money to help out. We have got 300 dollars from News Channel 3, plus 700 dollars from our anonymous donors.”

Alejandro and Fernando load up in their work van and just a few minutes later, we’re walking up to home that’s about to be blessed.

Ms. Forrestine opens the door, but she’s hesitant. “I don’t want to be on no camera.” Ms. Forrestine said. She’s a little camera shy, but she eventually comes outside.

“The problem that you’ve got is really big, I noticed that,” Alejandro said. “You and my friend Andrew, they broke my heart, so I want to try and help you my friend. We, we going to help you.”


“With all of our heart we are going to give you this money to help you out. Fernando

So Fernando counts out the cash, “One, two and three is from News Channel 3. One, two, three, four, five, six, is for anonymous donors and that is our money. It is little but is with all our heart.”

Alejandra and Fernando chipped in an extra 200 dollars of their own money. And how does Ms. Forrestine feel?

“It feels real good to know that some people will help, Ms. Forrestine said. “Ain’t nobody ever did nothing for me. Really, to help me. They come in and made an acquaintance with my special needs son and that means so much. It really does.”

Two construction workers who struggle to speak English show that love is the universal language understood by all.

“I thank you, Ms. Forrestine said. “My goodness I don’t know what to say.”

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