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Two local volunteers lending helping hand to those hit by Hurricane Ida

[Sept 1, 2021: The Brighter Side of News]

David and Phyllis Quinn. (CREDIT: American Red Cross)

The Eastern North Carolina Region of the American Red Cross is sending two local volunteers to help with Hurricane Ida response efforts along the gulf coast.

David and Phyllis Quinn, who previously deployed to support disaster responses after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Florence, and Laura, are heading to Alabama. They will be helping with food distribution in Mobile.

Unfortunately, people don’t understand the devastation and what they see on TV until you’re in the area and at the site and see what’s going on. That’s the toughest thing to do.

“They just want a hug, especially the children, they just want a hug because they’ve lost everything,” said Phyllis.


Several school districts in the impact area are out today. There are thousands without power.

With a love of God and a will to help others, the Quinns say all they need is a full tank of gas.

“As a married couple, we’re really, really close and we love doing things together,” Phyllis said.

“If I make her mad, she don’t go reporting me to the boss,” David said.

“I am the boss,” she responded with a laugh.

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