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Unsung Hero - Mumbai Woman Stands in Rain For 5 Hours to Warn Commuters of Open Manhole

[Aug. 10, 2020:]

As incessant rains ravaged Mumbai last week, several areas of the city have been flooded, causing a lot of distress to commuters. However, some good samaritans have risen to the occasion, and are doing their bit to save others’ lives.

One such selfless act went viral recently as a 50-year-old woman from Matunga, who lost her home and life savings, went out of her way to warn people of the open manhole on Tulsi Pipe Road.

As per a report by The Better India, the woman stood in the heavy rains and waterlogged roads for five hours just to make sure no accident happens. The video shows the woman, identified as Kanta Maruti Kalan, alerting commuters to move away from the manhole, that was hidden in the water.


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Kalan, who is a flower vendor in the nearby Dadar market, reportedly stays with two school-going daughters on the “footpath outside Matunga station.”

Kalan’s sense of social responsibility and selfless sacrifice has won over social media and netizens can’t stop applauding her.

One user wrote, ”Huge respect! Not to forget Selfless Acts like these inspire others to take a charge and help the community at an individual level. The world could use a little selflessness in such difficult times. Be kind.”

Notably, renowned gastroenterologist Dr Deepak Amarapurkar lost his life on August 29, 2017, after he fell down a manhole in Parel after locals opened the lid to drain out floodwater.

As many as 328 deaths had occurred in the past five years due to falling into a manhole or drowning in sea-related incidents in the city, according to a Mumbai Mirror report..... Read More



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