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Utah hospital employee brings joy by performing spontaneous ballet in lobby

[Sept 1, 2021: Jeff Tavss]

David and Phyllis Quinn. (CREDIT: University of Utah Health)

As yet another COVID-19 wave continues to devastate Utah, exhausting heroic health care workers as hospitals fill beyond capacity, a spontaneous act showed beauty still exists in places often associated with sadness these days.

While a volunteer pianist played in the lobby of the University of Utah Hospital on Tuesday, a hospital employee named Teva Martinson slipped off his shoes and dazzled with a performance most often seen on stage.

With onlookers standing and watching nearby, Martinson performed the ballet moves of a well-seasoned professional.


The hospital shared the video on its Twitter page, calling it "a moment of pure joy." Likes and retweets greeted the video, with one person asking who the dancer was.

A hospital spokesperson shared the feelings of those who were able to watch and witness the surprise act in the unlikeliest of places.

"As our health care workers deal with the stress of the current surge in COVID cases, this was a much-needed moment of pure beauty and grace," said Kathy Wilets.

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