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Utah treasure hunt offers a chance at winning $10,000

[June 27, 2021: David Cline and John Maxim]

If you've ever wanted the chance to go trekking through the mountains in search for literal hidden treasure, now's the time. A real life treasure hunt is happening in Utah, and the winner will walk away with a fat stack of cash to the tune of $10,000.

This is the second annual treasure hunt that locals David Cline and John Maxim have organized, but this year, the prize money has doubled—and because the winner last year found the chest in only four days, they say the poem this time around will be more difficult to interpret.

Cline and Maxim wanted to help people get out of the quarantine funk last year, so they hid $5,000 in the Wasatch Front mountains. People interested in finding the money read a poem the two published on social media about how to find the treasure, and that's when people packed up the family and went exploring outside.

The 2020 treasure was hidden near Rocky Mouth Falls off Wasatch Boulevard. Winner Cameron Brunt had just been laid off as a result of COVID-19, so with his extra time, he went and found himself $5,000 hidden in the mountains. Maxim and Cline said it was extra rewarding to have someone who needed some extra cash be the one to find it.

Since the first round was a massive success, Cline and Maxim are upping the stakes for this year's prize and hunt—and it all starts today.


Where to get the clues

Open to anybody and everybody, the great Utah treasure hunt is fun for the whole family. No registration is necessary. It's critical to follow @the.cline.fam and @onthejohn on social media to keep up with the hunt. They will release weekly clues until the treasure is found.

For the serious treasure hunters, tag @the.cline.fam and @onthejohn while you are out looking for the treasure with your friends and family, you will get the weekly clue one day early via email.


Skill level

While you may think you'll need to go out and get a harness and ropes to scale the mountains of Utah—please don't. Maxim and Cline buried the treasure in sandals and flip flops so most people should be in a good place to go out looking.

Please don't do anything outside of your skill level or comfort zone—keep yourself and your family safe when you're out searching. If you want to explore an area you are nervous about or is past any signs warning against it, please do not go further. Follow all hiking etiquette. (Bring some extra water and tell someone where you're going!)

The treasure isn't hidden on private property, so please don't trespass anywhere. If you search for the chest you agree that Cline and Maxim are not liable for any injury sustained to person or property. Please be safe!

The prize money

It might seem too good to be true if you're the lucky guy or gal to find the treasure, but there are truly no strings attached.

There are no conditions, and no expectations other than having a great time. The rules are simple: stay safe, have fun, find the money, and keep it.

Whether or not you enjoy hiking, treasure hunts, or friendly competitions, you have nothing to lose and $10,000 to gain by participating. So, what are you waiting for? Get your family and friends and head to the mountains. The hunt is on!

To register for emails, visit


The first clue

The treasure is located somewhere in the orange rectangle. This year there is no need to sift through the sands of The Little Sahara or comb the red rocks of Moab. Maybe next year.


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