West LA Pet Spa Wants to Give Back to Frontline Workers

A pet resort and spa in West Los Angeles is offering a helping hand to thank the essential workers who are working the frontlines.

[Aug. 1, 2020: NBC 4 Los Angeles]

A pet resort and spa in West Los Angeles is offering a helping hand to thank the essential workers who are working the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic and may be struggling to care for their four-legged friends.

They opened their doors in November without knowing that some of the toughest months were still ahead of them.

“Covid did definitely have an effect on us,” said Lusine Galadijan Abikzer of the Puparazzi Pet Resort and Spa.

Puparazzi LA is a luxurious wellness-focused pet resort and spa.

“We offer daycare, grooming, overnight, training, spa, pick-up, drop-off,” Abikzer said. “What it means is pets can come and live like celebrities."

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They play with the Hollywood idea – pet suites with names like “Will Sniff,” “Brad Pit-bull” and “Leonardo DiWagglio.”

But what Puparazzi LA is doing now, is looking beyond the business of boarding and offering help for those struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We can see how it affected so many people financially,” Abikzer said.

The pet resort is offering free stays for pets of healthcare workers, first responders and anyone who is on the front lines of fighting the virus.

“Anyone that’s in the front lines can contact us in the LA area and they can come and bring their pets for a weekend...just go and enjoy being with their families, take a weekend off,” Abikzer said.

They’ve also decided to drop their fees by half through the summer for everyone else. Partly, they say, because they want to give back, partly because, they say they’ve done so well already being welcomed into the west LA community.

“We really really want to be generous and just give back because they’ve done so much for us,” Abikzer said. “We’re keeping it so low that people can come and not worry about their financial situation.”.‌... Read More

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