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Wife takes job as dishwasher to see husband in memory care center during COVID-19 pandemic.

[July 14, 2020: Today]

Mary Daniel of Jacksonville, Florida had not seen her husband, Steve, in 114 days after a state order barred visitors to care centers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Steve, 66, who has early onset Alzheimer's disease, resides in a memory care center.

Daniel, 57, told TODAY that her husband began living at Rosecastle at Deerwood, a memory care center for older adults in Jacksonville, last July. She said it was a tough decision for him to go, but ultimately, Steve had shown that he thrived in an environment where he had opportunities to socialize.

Four months ago, everything changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Florida. "I went to see him every single night, got him ready for bed," she said. "I went in on March 10 and on March 11 they called and said, 'You can’t come back.'".....MORE


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