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Wind Trees silently generate electricity from gentle breezes

[Oct. 24, 2023: Staff Writer, The Brighter Side of News]

The Wind Tree is composed of 3 steel trunks that stem into tinier branches on which the 36 leaf-shaped wind turbines are attached. (CREDIT: New World Wind)

Climate change looms large, urging nations and individuals alike to seek sustainable energy solutions. As countries hasten to erect wind turbines in isolated terrains, urban spaces grapple with the conundrum of integrating renewable energy within city confines. Enter New World Wind's revolutionary solution: the Wind Tree.

Traditional wind turbines, though effective, come with a hefty price tag, both in terms of finance and space. Their imposing stature makes them an ill fit for bustling city centers or tranquil backyards. Recognizing this constraint, New World Wind introduced the Wind Tree, a creative, functional, and esthetically pleasing response to the challenge.


Imagine a tree, with its trunks and branches made of steel, where each leaf is a mini wind turbine. These artificial trees don't just blend with the urban scenery; they actively contribute to it. A mere whisper of the wind sets these leaves in motion, converting wind energy into a green power source.

You can customize the Modular Tree by choosing between 18, 24 or 30 Aeroleaves. The Wind Bush has just as many photovoltaic petals as Aeroleaves. (CREDIT: New World Wind)

Remarkably space-efficient, the Wind Tree stands tall within an 11-meter radius, making public parks, business courtyards, and residential lawns its ideal habitat. In a compelling testament to its efficiency, New World Wind states that a single Wind Tree can satiate 83% of an average French household's annual electricity needs.


Introducing the Aeroleaf

New World Wind's pièce de résistance is the Aeroleaf, the first-ever micro-turbine specifically crafted for urban environs. This uniquely cone-shaped turbine captures wind from all angles, starting its energy generation journey at a modest wind speed of 2.5 meters per second.

The Wind Tree can exploit all types of wind, from gentle breezes to powerful gusts of wind in both urban and rural environments. (CREDIT: New World Wind)

Constructed with three steel trunks branching into smaller tendrils, the Wind Tree accommodates 36 of these leaf-like turbines. One might wonder about the noise pollution from such a contraption. However, the Aeroleaf is no ordinary turbine. Engineered sans belts or gears, it operates in silence, making it a perfect neighbor for both commercial and residential zones.


Expanding the Green Portfolio

Beyond the Wind Tree, New World Wind's green arsenal includes two other wind energy harvesters: the Modular Tree and the Bush. Both are infused with the pioneering Aeroleaf technology but are compactly designed to fit snugly into smaller spaces like gardens.


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The Modular Tree, customizable with 18, 24, or 30 Aeroleaves, offers another upgrade: photovoltaic petals. These petals harness solar energy, introducing a dual renewable energy source. Similarly, the Wind Bush integrates as many photovoltaic petals as Aeroleaves. This solar addition amplifies energy output by an impressive 5%.

New World Wind's vision extends beyond wind energy. In collaboration with their partner, MyTree, they've instituted a "tree for tree" initiative. For every purchase of a Wind Tree, Bush, or Modular Tree, MyTree pledges to plant ten actual trees. This initiative has already rooted dozens of trees globally, furthering the drive for a greener planet.


Eco-innovations come at a price. The Wind Tree, available for customization on New World Wind's website, starts at $50,830. The Modular Tree, depending on the chosen configuration, ranges between $29,350 and $48,400. The Bush is priced at $21,900.

New World Wind offers power generation solutions combining high technology and design, wind and solar, for perfect integration in urban and natural environments. (CREDIT: New World Wind)

While initial costs might seem steep, the long-term benefits, both environmental and monetary, assure that the Wind Tree and its counterparts will more than pay for themselves over time.


As the world grapples with the realities of climate change, innovations like the Wind Tree represent a beacon of hope. With their blend of design, functionality, and environmental consciousness, these structures not only address the urgent need for renewable energy but also inspire a vision of urban spaces harmoniously intertwined with nature.

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