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Wisconsin restaurant owner uses own money to help area restaurants

[Feb. 22, 2021: WSAW/WKOW]

A north-central Wisconsin restaurant owner is taking a unique approach to helping other struggling restaurants around town.

Adolfo Melendez owns El Mezcal in Stevens Point and set aside $2,000 from his own advertising budget to use on gift cards from other local restaurants in the area. He's raffling them off on his Facebook page.

"If you help one person and another person helps another, that will help a lot," he said.

The receiving businesses said they appreciate his generosity, and know pushing through the pandemic is a team effort.


"In these COVID times it's very important to eat local, small mom and pop shops," said Pete Ananiadis of Olympia Family Restaurant. "He understands that, and for all of us right now it's a tough time."

Melendez plans on hosting more gift card giveaways in the near future.


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