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Woman With Autism Creates Kindness Campaign to Give Back to Those In Need

[August 26, 2021: Daniela Prizont-Cado]

Susan Pollack speaks at the European Parliament. (CREDIT: Ouriel Morgensztern)

For four years, Paige Howell has made random acts of kindness a full-time job, making gift baskets for those in need, especially the homeless population, and those battling health issues across the state of Delaware.

"I've lived here for 31 years and I just wanted to, you know, show the community...what it is to give back and what it is to make someone's day and have them stay positive...I find out from people you know, (if) someone's sick, I take them a gift basket like with soup and crackers in the winter," she said.

Howell is autistic and has cognitive disabilities, qualities that she said motivate her to be a support system for others, which is why she created her very own kindness project.

Her mother, Lillian Frey, is her biggest supporter, beyond proud of her daughter for making such an impact in her community, so much so that she said it seems everyone in Delaware either knows her or has heard of her.

Paige and her mother Lillian (CREDIT: Paige Howell)


"I always say for every 2,000 people I know, Paige knows 7,000...I mean it just started out small and then it just, you know, people want us to do more so everybody's just step in and the outpouring of the community is absolutely wonderful," Frey said.

The community supports her too with money donations or supplies so that her project can continue to grow.

Recently, Howell has teamed up with the Milford Police Department to donate 17 backpacks to the homeless for the summer months, and they are prepping more for the winter as Sgt. Robert Masten said they've seen a surge in the homeless population.

"Paige wanted to reach out and didn't know how to make these connections so it really worked out well that we had the ability to get the supplies to the people in need, and she had the desire to try and help," he said.

It's a project that's turned into a lifestyle.


"Growing up, you know, it was just like you know, I want to be happy and I want other people to be happy and not have to suffer the way that I did as a child," Howell said. "I want everybody to be happy. You have to find a happy medium somewhere, you can't just live your life based on if you're homeless or not homeless, you can't just give up."

For those interested in volunteering or making a donation via Cash App or GoFundMe, you can click here for more information on Paige's Kindness Facebook page.

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