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World's Fastest Formula 1-Inspired Motorcycle Can Break 400 KM/H

[June 28, 2021: Garry Lu]

White Motorcycle Concepts wants to produce the world’s fastest motorcycle with its all-new electric WMC 250EV. Positioned to shatter land speed records with claims of a top speed exceeding 250 MPH (402 km/h), this lightweight two-wheeler boasts an impressively powerful engine and some even more impressive aerodynamic innovations.

The mastermind behind the WMC 250EV is none other than company founder Robert White – a veteran of the speed game who made his bones in elite racing: the World Endurance Championship, Le Mans, and of course, Formula 1. Informed by 25 years of experience, every detail of the WMC 250EV represents a lesson learned along the way.

The most notable feature aside from its sleek silhouette is the V-Air duct found straight down the middle. Directing air flow through this gap rather than around the bike, this reportedly reduces drag by up to 70%. In turn, the battery has been shifted to the underside, improving both centre of gravity and weight distribution.


The front wheel is juiced by twin 20kWh batteries, accompanied by regenerative braking to reduce wasted power and recharge the aforementioned batteries; the rear wheel, on the other hand, has been paired with twin 30kWh batteries – bringing the total power output to 100kWh or around 135 horsepower. Given the whole thing only weighs about 300kg thanks to the presence of carbon fiber elements, effectively, you’ve got yourself a bloody quick set of wheels.

The White Motorcycle Concept WMC 250EV, however, will not be uncontested in its road to becoming the world’s fastest motorcycle. As the UK-based operation itself explains, it’ll be going head-to-head with not one, but two world-class projects:

  • “A high-profile Monaco-backed challenger with a French motorcycle (Voxan / Venturi) ridden by 6-time World Champion, Max Biaggi” – which set the current record of 228 MPH (366.94 km/h) between October 20th and November 1st of 2020

  • “A British motorsport engineer, rider, and inventor on a unique motorcycle, backed by a consortium of British niche vehicle engineering specialists who (also) plan to beat the current record by a significant margin.”

May the best motorcycle win.


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