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Worth the price? The most expensive french fries in the world are in New York City

[July 15, 2021: Donald Dosman]

(CREDIT: @serendipity3nyc/Instagram)

Located on the city’s Upper East Side, Serendipity 3 has set the Guinness World Records title for making the most expensive french fries ever. The Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites, created by restaurant creative director and chef Jocal de Lone and corporate executive chef Frederick Schoenkewert, cost as much as $200.

The restaurant received the record after an unbiased customer purchased a plate that was part of the Guinness World Records guidelines. Calderone said it took three months to plan to cook for USA Today.

“It’s easy to combine expensive ingredients and call them expensive dishes. But we really like to work on the science of cooking and make the best taste as well as the most expensive in the world. “He said.


Fries made from Chipper Beck potatoes are first blanched with Dom Pérignon Champagne and J. Leblanc French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar and then cooked three times with pure geese fat from southwestern France.

After cooking, French fries are seasoned with Guérande truffle salt, hand-picked from Guérande, France, and placed in Urbani’s summer truffle oil.

(CREDIT: @serendipity3nyc/Instagram)

Next, on a clay-rich hill in the Creta Senage region of Italy, topped with shaved pecorino tartu ferro cheese made from sheep’s milk. French fries are topped with black summer truffles from Umbria, Italy.

The french fries served on the Bacara Crystal Arabesque Plate are finally finished with 23K edible gold powder and Mornay sauce made with A2 pasture Jersey cow cream and 3 months aged Gruyere Truffle Swiss Raclette.

The popular restaurant, which reopened for the first time since the pandemic began last Friday, is known for its gorgeous desserts and the famous “frozen hot chocolate.”


“We thought of a better way to celebrate the reopening than trying a new Guinness World Record,” Calderone said.

Serendipity3 is no wonder to set a world record. They hold 10 Guinness World Records and still own the most expensive desserts ($25,000), the most expensive sandwiches ($214) and the most expensive milkshakes ($100).

Calderone doesn’t say anything about the world record the restaurant is about to break, but says, “Watch out for another big announcement as the holidays approach.”

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