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Yellow labrador gives birth to large litter... and they ALL have black coats

[Aug. 10, 2020: Daily Mail]

They say 13 is unlucky - but not for Lucy the labrador.

The golden-coated pet gave birth to a baker’s dozen of pups – and every one is black.

Owner Catherine Smith, 37, was amazed when the puppies kept on coming after three-year-old Lucy went into labour, just missing out on the English record for a labrador litter of 14.


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‘She had the first four in just 20 minutes, then they just kept appearing,’ she said.

‘This is the first time we have bred a dog and thought she might have five or six. She started at 11.50am and it was all over by 4.30pm.

'I think she wondered where they’d all come from!’

Mrs Smith mated Lucy with her friend’s eight-year-old black lab, Bastion.

‘We’re now getting through 15kg of dog food a week,’ said Mrs Smith, a part-time waitress, of Taunton, Somerset.

The eight dogs and five bitches were sold within three weeks..... Read More


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