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Young boy starts lemonade stand for charity

[May 16, 2021: Ryan Mains]

A young boy sold tasty treats in Brewer Saturday to help kids in need.

Dorian Pillsbury, also known as “D-Max”, opened a special lemonade stand in front of Brewer IGA, where customers could buy not just a refreshing drink, but also cotton candy and official “D-Max” sunglasses.

His goal? Making enough to buy 25 bikes and helmets to donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Bangor.

The stand was sponsored by NextHome Experience, who personally donated over a thousand dollars, putting him already a third of the way there.


Dorian said that he just wants to help those less fortunate still have a fun summer.

“Because kids at the Boys and Girls Club don’t really have a lot at their homes,” he explained, “And some of them might not even have homes, they might be living in cars, so I wanted to help them out, help them get bikes, so they can have fun this summer.”

If you missed the stand but would still like to be able to help, you can donate here.


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