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Young cancer survivor makes Father's Day special for her supportive dad

[June 21, 2021: Josh Shavit]

A young cancer survivor used her creativity to make a special gift for Father's Day.

Doctors diagnosed Elana Koenig with a form of sarcoma at seven years old.

Her dad cheered her up with father-daughter dances, even when she was in a cast. He also supported Elana when she founded the Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation to help other children like her.


Elana says she created a special video to do something special for her dad.

Now, Elana's cancer is in remission.

She says her dad was her rock throughout her cancer treatments.

"When I started my foundation, my dad would help me deliver gift packages, he would help me by visiting those children with me in the hospital. He would sing to them with me, he would just lighten up their mood like he lightened up mine. Like he kind of has that quirk to him. So he was really awesome with that he would help me with goodie bags," said Elana.


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