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Young girl spreads message of love, kindness and acceptance in honor of little sister

[Nov 8, 2021: Maggie O'Mara]

They care about each other and the sisterly love they have for one another is pretty evident. (CREDIT: KTVB video)

Heather and Jarrod Galm of Meridian have two young daughters: seven-year-old Michaela and five-year-old Amanda.

"They care about each other and the sisterly love they have for one another is pretty evident," Jarrod Galm said. "Michaela is quick to come to her sister's defense when kids or people have questions or are looking oddly at her."

Amanda was born with a limb difference, according to Heather Galm.

"At our twenty-week anatomy scan, they saw some things. They were very quiet about everything," she explained. "It was confirmed that her arm was going to be different. But, the truth is we didn't even look at her arm when she was first born, it was just our beautiful girl. She has her sweet little two fingers, and she has a short forearm. Her elbow is fused so she can't bend her elbow. Over time, she has adapted to everything, she accommodates so well with it."


Jarrod Galm said the family wouldn't have it any other way.

"At the end of the day, she was born perfect because God doesn't make mistakes," he said. "That's what we tell the girls. She is unique in her own special way. Michaela just knows, as her sister you have a special and unique role to if your sister can't speak up for herself, you can speak up for her. She has taken that on as her big sister role."

The family calls Amanda's arm her "Lefty".

"It was on her left arm so it was a name that came out, and that's sort of what stuck for us," Heather Galm said.

Amanda is now five, and nothing holds her back. "Lefty" is loved and celebrated. Big sister Michaela is so proud and protective of Amanda.


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"Well, what makes her special is that she was born with a special difference," Michaela said.

While shopping with her mom recently, Michaela saw a Barbie with a prosthetic leg on the shelf. She was so excited to see a doll with a limb difference. She just had to get it for her sister.

"Well, I thought we should buy it because I thought sissy would really like it," Michaela said. "I said, 'Mommy, can we please get this?' and she said yes. I thought we should have a doll with a limb difference in the house."


Heather Galm couldn't say no, she was so touched. The Barbie doll is part of a new line of dolls with unique abilities, just like Amanda. The Barbie has been a big hit in the Galm house.

"I like playing with her a lot," Amanda said.

Recently, Heather Galm discovered a video on her phone. It was of Michaela talking about her sister, the new Barbie, and how we are all special and unique in our own ways. The Galms shared that video on social media. Their friends and family were blown away by Michaela's message of love and acceptance.

"Everything that we have been teaching her up to this point just came out of her in that moment and I was obviously so proud," Heather Galm said. "For us, it's just we want everybody to know and we want everybody to be educated that it's okay to be unique and special in our own way. We don't have to make fun of everybody, we don't have to use hurtful words, we can just ask and be curious as long as it's not being done in a hurtful way."

Michaela is already promoting acceptance, kindness and awareness about those with limb differences. It's something she will likely do for years to come. It's a message she thinks people need to hear more about.

"I made it because I just wanted everybody to know that everyone is unique and special in the whole world," Michaela said.

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