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17-year-old collects luggage of love for St. Mary’s Home

[July 22, 2020: CBS 5 WKRG]

When 17-year-old Sarah Strope learned St. Mary’s Home was closing its doors after housing children in need for nearly 200 years, she felt compelled to do something.

The McGill-Toolen High School Senior launched a campaign to collect duffle bags and luggage for the youngsters who will be placed elsewhere.

“I’ve grown up playing with the kids and volunteering at St. Mary’s Home. When I heard it was closing, I felt that I needed to continue to do my part, and help them into the {next} chapter in their life.” - Sarah Strope

Her mother helped spread the word of Sarah’s efforts on Facebook, and friends answered the call with donations.

“I admit, I am proud of her. It is common for the residents to have to pack their things in trash bags, and this is a way for her and everyone who donated luggage to show them a final act of kindness. The bags may be empty, but they are in fact, filled with love.” - Lou Anne Strope, Sarah's mother

Lou Anne says roughly ten more suitcases are needed in order for each resident to have one bag..... MORE


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