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Holy cow! Farmer stuffs THREE calves into backseat of his Buick for burger run

[Aug 30, 2021: Bob D'Angelo]

Holy Cows! (CREDIT: via Twitter)

Udderly unreal, but true. One cow patty, please.

A Wisconsin woman was startled Thursday afternoon to see a cow sitting patiently in the back seat of a car at a McDonald’s drive-thru, WOAW reported.

Jessica Nelson, of Mosinee, was waiting to order in the drive-thru in Marshfield when she noticed the back seat bovine several cars ahead of her, the television station reported.


Nelson took out her cellphone and recorded a short video, using the caption, “There’s a whole (expletive) cow in the back seat of that car.”

Nelson told The Associated Press that she was contacted by the owner of the cow, who saw the post.


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The owner said the cow was actually a calf that had just been bought at an auction, and there were two other calves that were lying down in the back seat but were out of sight.

Nelson’s post was captioned, “Tell me how you live in Wisconsin without telling me you live in Wisconsin,” WSAW reported.


The video has gone viral, leaving Nelson shaking her head.

“Who knew a simple video of a cow in a car would be what I needed to go viral,” Nelson wrote in a subsequent Facebook post. “If I knew that’s all it took, I would have put a cow into my Taurus a long (expletive) time ago.”

There is no indication whether the driver of the car ordered any food for the cow. Hopefully, if an order was placed, it was not a hamburger.

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