Meet the nine-year-old kindness warrior

I conduct virtual storytelling sessions for 3 to 7 year old children and donate all my earnings to the people who need it the most.

[Aug. 3, 2020: Hindustan Times]

Responsibility and sensibility not necessarily come after one becomes an adult. Samaira Khanna, a nine-year-old is living proof. She has been conducting virtual storytelling sessions, and using that money to help frontline workers and the underprivileged during the pandemic.

“The idea of virtual storytelling struck when the lockdown was announced. The outbreak of coronavirus was unprecedented and I was absorbing information about the same and its impact. I was aware about the plight of the migrants and other not-so-fortunate people in our country,” says Khanna who got deeply concerned for them. “As my summer vacations began, I discussed various possibilities of helping people during these times with my parents, using my skills and abilities,” adds the youngster.

A student of The Shri Ram School in Aravali, Gurugram, Khanna is charging a nominal fee of ₹50 per session, and recently she donated PPE kits and other useful things to the corona warriors. “I conduct these sessions for 3 to 7 year old children and donate all my earnings to the people who need it the most at this time, during the pandemic. This experience has been extremely gratifying for me and I derive a deep sense of happiness. When I see these children feeling happy and enjoying my stories, I feel on top of the world! I’m happy that my small efforts are bringing a positive impact,” shares Khanna.

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Khanna’s parents feel proud that their daughter is doing her bit for the society at such a young age. “She is growing up well as an independent and responsible citizen of this country. We are proud that she is respectful towards the society and the environment. Even her story sessions have a message for other children, and we are happy that she is contributing in the best possible way,” says Richa Khanna, her mother.... Read More

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