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Prisoners in Michigan donated $2,000 to an education program for inmates at Flint-area jail

[Mar. 6, 2021: Josh Shavit]

Men at a prison in southern Michigan have donated $2,000 to an education program for inmates at a Flint-area jail.

The Genesee County jail offers an education and job skills program called IGNITE. The goal is to prepare inmates for work, life skills and other opportunities when they leave the jail in weeks or months.

Sheriff Chris Swanson says prisoners 125 miles away at the Lakeland prison in Coldwater collected $2,000.


Nearly 400 people in the Genesee County jail are currently enrolled in IGNITE. The program soon will expand eligibility to former jail inmates who can attend classes at a church.

IGNITE stands for inmate growth naturally and intentionally through education.


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