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The world’s longest slip & slide to be built at Canaan Valley Resort

[June 28, 2021: Josh Shavit]

Natural Light Beer is attempting to break the record for the world’s longest slip and slide at Canaan Valley Resort on Thursday, July 1.

The slide will be located on the road leading from Route 32 to the ski area’s Bear Paw Lodge. One hundred fans in attendance will be able to take a ride on the slip and slide on a first come, first serve basis between 12-4pm and all riders must be age 21 or older. The line for a chance to ride the slip and slide will begin at 11am.

For those who want to come and watch, there will be a fan area with a view of the 2,021-foot wonder.

“This is an awesome way to kick off Independence Day Weekend and we are excited to be a part of a Guinness World Record,’ said Sam England, Canaan Valley Resort General Manager. “Folks should come out to watch, and the first 100 guests may get a chance to ride the slide!”


England noted that the current world record was set in 2015 and is held by the country of Jordan with a slip and slide length of 2,007 feet. Natural Light is building a 2,021-foot slip and slide with the goal of bringing the honor back to the United States.

Natural Light is offering one fan (age 21 or older) the chance to be among the first to go down the slip and slide and help “Natty” bring home the world record to America. Not only will they be a part of history, but they will win a year’s worth of Natural Light beer and get to bring three friends along with them to the record-breaking celebration at Canaan Valley Resort. For those interested in the chance to help bring this world record back to the USA, use #NattySlide and #Sweepstakes on social media to be in the running. The offer is open between June 22-27.

The Natural Light Guinness world record slip and slide attempt will kick off Canaan Valley Resort’s Windfest Weekend (July 2-4). The event features kite building/flying workshops and demonstrations, a performance by the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, a guided nature hike and outdoor adventure for the whole family.


Laura has now left her own note for the next bride to find (Image: British Red Cross)

Laura said: "We have pinned a similar note to the dress in the hope that whoever buys it will continue to share the history of this beautiful dress."

Fran had originally bought the dress from a bridal store in Camden for £1,500 in 2017, and staff at British Red Cross say they remember it coming into the shop in a pristine box.

British Red Cross Regional Retail Manager, Berni Considine, said: "We remembered this particular dress so well from when it came in the first time.

"Not many of our garments come with a special note, but even without the message, this dress is beautiful - there's just something about it that makes it stand out - the design and the cut. It’s just stunning.

“Pre-pandemic the British Red Cross in Forest Hill was well known for its wedding dress events, when we would dedicate the shop for a day to wedding dresses and bridal accessories. So, we would love to be able to pass this gown on to the next bride-to-be and to carry on being a part of the life of this unique dress and all that it symbolises."


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