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10-year-old hero raises over $80,000 for Pearl Harbor remembrance

Harrison Johnson, a 10-year-old from North Carolina, is gaining attention for his ambitious mission to raise $100,000. (CREDIT: Harrison’s Heroes)

Harrison Johnson, a 10-year-old from North Carolina, is gaining attention for his ambitious mission to raise $100,000 in tribute to the heroes of the Pearl Harbor attack.

His initiative, named "Harrison’s Heroes," aims to educate his peers about the significant historical event and ensure that the sacrifices made by the heroes are not forgotten.


Harrison's interest in Pearl Harbor sparked during a school history project. His curiosity expanded as he delved into books, old newspapers, and communicated with survivors. This exploration of history ignited his desire to make a difference.

After visiting the Pearl Harbor National Memorial in Oahu, Harrison felt compelled to launch a campaign to honor the stories and sacrifices of those involved, particularly focusing on underrepresented heroes such as women, minorities, and figures like Doris Miller, an African American Navy Cross awardee.


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Through community partnerships, speaking engagements, and charity events, Harrison has raised approximately $81,000. His efforts underscore the significance of remembering the past and acknowledging the sacrifices made for freedom.

Harrison emphasizes, "The real heroes are the men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom."


Approaching the 82nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Harrison's campaign transcends mere fundraising; it symbolizes respect, remembrance, and the influence of young minds in creating meaningful change.

Harrison Johnson of Raleigh NC has a goal of trying to raise $100,000 to support the remembrance of Pearl Harbor. (CREDIT: KITV 4)

To learn more about Harrison’s Heroes and support the cause, visit Pacific Historic Parks, where 100% of the donations are dedicated.


Pacific Historic Parks is the non-profit cooperating association of the National Park Service committed to stewarding Pearl Harbor, with a mission to Remember, Honor, and Understand World War II in the Pacific.

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